We’ve been supplying supermarkets, cafes, bakeries and schools for over 20 years and are renouned for our high quality products and efficient service.

Healthy, low-fat and made with fresh local produce:
At Shepparton Fresh we pride ourselves on producing healthy foods with a low-fat content, made from fresh local vegetables and using traditional recipes where we can.

Our pie, pastie and sausage roll pastry is produced using a much lower fat content than even the ‘low-fat’ pastry mixes supplied by the manufacturers. And we don’t increase the sugar levels to keep the flavour right. We use traditional cooking methods, herbs & spices and over 30 years of baking knowledge to produce the healthiest pies, pasties and sausage rolls in the Goulburn Valley.

Our meat is brought daily from a local butcher, inspected for quality and then put into production. Our vegetables are also brought locally and sliced, diced & grated on-site if needed.

The De Palma family (originally from the Naples area of Italy) use traditional cooking methods, herbs, spices and old family recipes where they can to improve the quality of their baked goods. They at all times try to avoid using the cheaper pre-mixed products used in most bakeries today.